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XTSC's Newest Soccer Turf Offering at Polson Pier!

XTSC is very proud to offer 7s Indoor Turf Soccer at Polson Pier, only steps from Cherry Beach.

Fall, Winter and Early Spring Soccer availability at Polson Pier:
Day Season Length Combo Season
Game Start Times Divisions Start Date End Date
Saturday 9 games YES Fall: 8pm - 11pm Intermediate Fall: November 24
Winter: Early January

  • A Combo Season is a registration for 2 or 3 seasons in one payment. New seasons will start directly after previous season.
  • All divisions will have 2-3 playoff games per season.
  • Games on long weekends will be avoided whenever possible. Friday and Monday leagues will play on Long Weekends!

Team Registrations
After registering, please enter your team name and entire roster online. The roster includes the name of the players and their email addresses. Each team roster has to include at least 8 players. These Players must all sign the electronic waiver before your team can be added to the schedule.

All players that will play for your team during the season will have to be on the roster and have signed the waiver or their goals will be deducted and/or the team issued a default loss.

Free Agent Registrations
Once you're registered you will receive your receipt over email. Please provide us the name and email address of any players you would like to be on the same team with so we can accommodate this. The information can be send to:
Free agents will usually be playing on teams with other free agents. In case we aren't able to place you on the night of your choice, we will contact you to discuss other options.

League details

  • Schedules and other league details will be sent out approximately one week before the start of the season.
  • Games are 55-60 minutes long including half time.
  • Double-headers can be scheduled based on the needs of the league.
  • Every game is refereed by an XTSC official.
  • Men's Format: This is a 7v7 league. A team can play with 5 players without defaulting.
  • As with all XTSC leagues, nets are provided at the venue.
  • All players that will play for your team during the season will have to be on the roster and have signed the waiver. Goals from ineligible players will not count!
  • The league will try to accommodate any requests, however we cannot guarantee them. No refunds will be given if requests cannot be met.
  • Please refer to the guidelines and soccer rule webpages for more soccer related details.
  • Would you like to look like a professional soccer team or player? You can order uniforms with us! Check out our availability in our Online Store. For any questions or specific requests, please contact


    XTSC is committed to improving and elevating the sporting experience for ALL our members and have thus sweetened our LEAGUE PRIZES! We at XTSC know that becoming a champion isn't easy and want to reward our division winners with some incredible prizes for all the blood, sweat, and tears you poured throughout the season to earn the highly coveted title of CHAMPION!

    Prizes include: Championship t-shirts, a soccer match ball, and a prestigious GOLDEN XTSC CUP (It's almost real gold!) !!! But wait, there's more! Your team name will also be engraved onto our HUGE XTSC Annual Trophy (Each turf location has one!) so that you will forever be embossed in XTSC History!

    Experience the XTSC difference, Register to Play Outdoor Turf Soccer with XTSC Today!