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Ready for some Serious Rugby fun?

This Spring, XTSC is very excited to unveil our newest offering - Touch Rugby!

We have partnered with Toronto Touch Rugby to bring this thrillingly fun sport to you. If you've ever thought you'd like to try this exciting and addictive sport, or if you're a Touch Rugby pro and are excited for the new season, this is the league for you!

This Spring and Summer XTSC is offering Touch Rugby Leagues on the following days and times:

Day Location Start Date Finals Date Combo Season
Game Start Times
Thursdays Harbord CI July 25 TBD NO 6:00pm - 8:30pm

The Details:

  • The Draw format will be confirmed once all registrations are in.
  • Registration fees include all referees, coaches, trainers, and game equipment (personal equipment is the players' responsibility).
  • Registration fees also include free Sunday pickup games at Riverdale Park East starting at 3pm. Check the Toronto Touch Rugby Facebook Page for updates to the pickup schedule.
  • Players on formed teams must register with Touch Canada and pay a yearly $20 membership fee if they are not already members.
  • This is a CoEd 6s league. Teams must have a minimum of one female player on the field.

Team Registrations
After registering your team you will have access to the online roster. Please enter your team name and roster information as soon as possible after registering. The roster includes the name of the players and their email addresses. Roster changes and updates can be changed at any point in time! Each team roster has to include at least 8 players. These Players must all sign the electronic waiver 7 days before the first game of the season. Each player must pay a $20/year registration fee to Touch Canada that is not part of the team fee. Captains will be sent a link to that registration page once their registration is complete.

Free Agent Registrations
Once you're registered you will receive your receipt and registration confirmation over email. We will send out an email approximately 1 week before the start of the season with your team information. Free agents will usually be playing on teams with other free agents. In case we aren't able to field a free agent team we will contact you to discuss other options. The Touch Canada $20/year registration fee is included in your registration.
If you are signing up with friends and would like to play on the same team, please make sure you provide us the name(s) and email address(es) of the players in question so we can accommodate this. The information can be send to:

Touch Rugby Rules:

  • Field are 70M long by 50M wide with marked scorelines, sidelines and a half-way line.
  • Teams consist of up to 14 players with a maximum of 6 players on the field at any time.
  • Players may interchange from the side of the field as often as they wish.
  • Team Captains toss and the winner starts the game with a tap at the centre of the half-way line.
  • Attacking team has 6 attempts, or touches, before possession changes unless other rules are infringed.
  • If the ball is dropped, or knocked-on, a change of possession occurs and the game starts with a rollball.
  • Attacking players may run with the ball or pass the ball sideways or backwards until they are touched.
  • If a player passes the ball forward a penalty occurs for a forward pass.
  • If a player passes the ball after being touched a penalty occurs for a late pass.
  • A tap on the mark is taken by non-offending team for penalties. The defending teams must retire 10M.
  • A touch is any contact between the player with the ball and a defender. It must be minimum force.
  • After a touch the player performs a rollball, stepping over or gently rolling the ball between the feet.
  • Players cannot perform a rollball until a touch has been made or a penalty results.
  • Players must perform the rollball at the mark where they were touched or a penalty results.
  • The attacking player who gets the ball after the rollball is the half, who can either run or pass.
  • If the half gets touched a change of possession occurs and the game restarts with a rollball at the mark.
  • At the rollball all defenders must retire or move backwards a minimum of 5M.
  • Penalties are awarded against defenders who do not retire 5M for rollballs and 10M for taps.
  • A touchdown is scored when an attacking player places the ball on or over the scoreline.
  • The team that scores the most touchdowns in the game is declared the winning team.

Want to learn more about what Touch Rugby is all about? Come to the free pickup sessions at Riverdale Park East starting at 3pm and check the Toronto Touch Rugby Facebook Page for how-to links, videos, and updates to the pickup schedule. For more information regarding the pickup games, please email Toronto Touch Rugby.