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*XTSC COVID-19 Response*

The Safety of our Players and our staff is and always will be XTSC's highest priority and Now that the City and Province has entered Stage 3 and have once again allowed Team Sports to resume play, XTSC has implemented the following precautionary measures for the safety of our staff and our players; These measures will be in effect from July 31st until at least the end of the outdoor season:

  • Temprature Checks of every player will be conducted by XTSC staff prior to every game. If you're not at the field/court at the start of the game, then you will have to wait for a stoppage and a Temprature check prior to entering the field of play
  • Hand Sanitizing of every player will be conducted by XTSC staff prior to every game. If you're not at the field/court at the start of the game, then you will have to wait for a stoppage and a Temprature check prior to entering the field of play
  • Balls, Goal-Posts and Volleyball poles will be wiped down with disinfectants by the on-site XTSC Rep before and after games
  • Kick-ins (in Soccer) will be replacing throwins
  • The goalie crease may not be entered when play is continuing from a dead ball in soccer (from a corner kick, a sideline kick-in or a free kick).
  • Goalie gloves are now mandatory in Soccer and Hockey
  • Spitting is an automatic red card and will result in the automatic removal from the facility.
  • No handshakes before or after games (fist bumps, post-game salutes or a simple wave will do)
  • If you're not feeling well, stay home (your team will still win without you!)

What's my login id and password?

Your login id is the email address or log in name that XTSC has on file, and the password was chosen when your account was created. Your password can be changed at any time after you have logged in. Not sure what your password is? You can use the retrieval link which will send an automated email to the account you used to register with XTSC. This email will include a link that allows you to reset your password. If you don't receive it right away, please check your spam folder - and if it's not there, email us at and we'll be happy to help you out.

I've registered, now what do I do?

You are officially registered for an XTSC sport when you have registered, paid for your registration and accepted the electronic waiver. When it comes to notification, 'no news is good news.' We will contact you if we are not able to accommodate your registration. Otherwise, you will receive an e-mail approximately one week before the start of your league with the location, schedule and other league information (including team assignment for Free Agents).

If you are a team captain, please enter your roster information on our website so that your team members can access and accept the online waiver.

I'm not able to pay for a spot right now, could I reserve the team/player spot?

We reserve team spots on a first come first serve basis. We are not able to reserve or hold spots for teams/free agents without payment being made in full.

How do I submit my team name and roster?

After you have registered and paid your registration fee, please enter all of your team members' names and email addresses in our online roster. Please ensure that your email address and XTSC login address are the same. Once you have done this, an automated email will go out to each of your team members so they can view and accept the online waiver. Please note that your team will not be scheduled until all team members + 1 sub have accepted the waiver, and that players are not eligible to play until they have accepted the waiver.

Any team that is found to field an ineligible player will receive a 3-0 default loss or (the opposing team's score)-0, whichever is greater.
For example when your team plays 4v4 hockey you will need 5 players on the roster that excepted the waiver. When your team plays 9v9 soccer you will need at least 10 players on your roster, etc. Volleyball teams are the exception to the rule, only needing 6 people on the roster that have signed the waiver.

We don't have enough players for a team and want to play as Free Agents. How can we make sure we'll play together?

You and your friends can all register as free agents. The simplest way is to all register on the same invoice (we ask that you then email us the names and emails of the additional players on your roster). If that isn't an option, you can all register separately and e-mail us ( the names of the people who wish to be placed together.

How do Free Agents get assigned to a team?

Free Agents are assigned based on their own needs, the needs of other teams in their league, and the needs of the league. Free Agents that have requested to play together will be accommodated whenever possible. Team captains who request additional players will also be accommodated whenever possible. Most nights also have a team dedicated to Free Agents. When there is a conflict between requests, the needs of the Free Agent team will come before requests for players from team captains.

There are two methods by which multiple Free Agents can request to be on the same team. If they register on the same invoice, they will automatically be placed on the same team. If that is not an option, they can register separately and email us with the names of all the players, and we will place you on the same team.

Am I guaranteed to be placed in the competition level I requested when I registered?

Choosing a competition level is an indication of preference, and although the league does try to accomodate all such requests we cannot guarantee them. Also, XTSC reserves the right to promote or relegate a team/player to a different division based on the performance in the previous season.
No refund will be issued for players or teams who are placed one level above or below their requested competition level. Any player or team withdrawing based on the competition level they've been placed in, will be subject in full to our refund policy.

How long are the games?

Except in specific leagues where indicated otherwise on the league details page, game halves are exactly 27 minutes long, starting at 02 minutes after the posted game time. Halftime is 3 minutes long, and the second half runs for another 27 minutes. To accommodate this schedule and maximize member's playing time, we ask that all teams be on time and enter/exit the field with brisk and cheerful readiness. The start of the game will proceed with or without players on the field. If one team is ready to play at game time and the other is not, the team that is ready will get the ball for the first half and may proceed to score in an empty net. If the referee does not give 27 minute halves when the teams are ready to play, please email us at to report it.

I've registered for a grass league. Where will I be playing?

When you register, you select your preferred location. These location preferences are honored whenever possible, although we may combine two locations when the sun starts setting early or if your preferred location doesn't have enough teams. Summer seasons will always be split between the location of choice and the closest alternative location (usually within a few kms of your preferred location).

Do we play on long weekends?

XTSC does NOT play on Saturdays or Sundays of long weekends, unless multiple weather related cancellations during your season force us to do so to get the full season in. However, We do always play on the Mondays after a long weekend and the occasional Friday before the long weekend.

How do I reach the Schedules and Standings?

When you log in to the Player's Lounge, several new headings will appear, one of which is Division, Stats&Standings. After clicking on this heading, you will see a drop down list allowing you to select the day and league you are looking for. After selecting the day and league, you will be able to see your schedules, standings and scoring statistics.

How are teams notified of schedule changes?

Members are asked to check the website for schedule changes at least a day or two before each of their games. While we try to keep the schedule stable, league and other requirements do force us to adjust the schedule at times. If the change is being made within 7 days of a scheduled game, we will send an email to all affected league members informing them of this change in schedule. Other schedule changes that we are aware of with advance notice (e.g. at the very beginning of the season) will not be communicated through email. Instead, as always, league members are asked to check their game schedules online. Changes that affect the entire league are announced on our Facebook page and via our Twitter account (@XTSC)

What are XTSC Loyalty Points, and how do I use them?

The person that enrolls a team or registers as a single player will receive XTSC points into their online account. These points can can be used for future registrations and/or merchandise purchases from our online store. The loyalty program is constructed as follows:

  • Register as a team or as an individual and you will earn an equivalent of 5% in rewards.
  • XTSC Loyalty points can be donated to charities, redeemed for merchandise on the online store, or used to discount future registrations.
  • Please note: XTSC points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash or cash equivalent.
  • XTSC Loyalty Points will expire and will be removed from accounts after 2 years of inactivity.

XTSC Loyalty Points have no cash value or cash equivalency. XTSC Loyalty Points will expire and will be removed from accounts after 2 years of inactivity.

My account has a negative points balance. Now what?

  • On occasion, a team or player may have a negative point balance.
  • Negative point balances are usually a result of either multiple defaults, accummulating multiple team/player red cards and/or suspensions, or for disputing a legitimate charge
  • The negative point balance acts as a fine against the team/player, and the team/player will not be allowed to re-register until that fine is paid in full to the league.
    (The fine can be calculated by dividing the number of points by 10; for example, a -500 balance would equal a $50 fine.)
  • If a legitimate charge was disputed, the disputer will no longer be able to purchase registrations or merchandise online. Any future purchases will need to be made with either cash or debit at our store location after all outstanding charges are settled.
Please contact us at regarding your account status.

I received a yellow card in my last game. What happens now?

If it is your first yellow card, take it as a warning that your play can get too aggressive and you need to tone it down. Your yellow card will be recorded and be visible on our website together with the scoring statistics. If you have received two yellow cards in one game, you will be suspended for the remainder of that game (you must leave the premisis) and the cards will be reviewed for further sanctions. If you do not leave, your team will be awarded a default loss.If you have received two yellow cards within a season, you may receive an official warning that you are nearing a suspension. A one game suspension will automatically follow the third yellow card. 5 Yellow cards will lead to a 2 game suspension and the league will review your behaviour on the field which can possibly lead to an increase in the length of your suspension, or ejection from the league.

A two or more game suspension will result in a 'strike'. Multiple Strikes result in longer suspensions, Significant Loyalty Points deductions, and finally expulsion from the league. Please see '3-Strike System' under "Guidelines" on the XTSC Rules & Regulations page.

I received a red card in my last game. What happens now?

If you received a direct red card, you are suspended from the game in which the offence occurred as well as the next game. Your team captain will be fined 500 XTSC Loyalty points, and you must leave the field immediately, and not wait in the parking lot or otherwise near the premisis. If you do not leave, your team will be awarded a default loss. Your team will have to play short for the game in which the offense occurred, but is not required to play short in the following game. XTSC will review the incident and determine if further sanctions are required (including, but not limited to, longer suspension or expulsion). Two red cards in a season will result in a minimum of expulsion from the rest of the season. Unacceptable actions include, but are not limited to, fouls with an intent to injure, physical or verbal abuse of members or staff, and physical or verbal violence. Please see '3-Strike System' under "Guidelines" on the XTSC Rules & Regulations page.

Someone on my team instigated a fight during a game. What happens now?

If someone starts a physical altercation, there are severe consequences, as violence is NOT tolerated towards any league or staff members. At a minimum, you can expect that player to be ejected from the league for one full year and large point deduction to be imposed against your team captain. Depending on the actions of the other team members and the opposing team, further suspensions/ejections may also be imposed. If it is determined that a majority of the team participated in the instigation or the fight itself, perpetuating the situation and causing more injury/damage, or if this is a repeated offense, the full team may be ejected from the league and may be banned from future registrations. Ejected teams do not receive a refund of their team fees. Please see '3-Strike System' under "Guidelines" on the XTSC Rules & Regulations page.

My team received a warning. What happens now?

If your team has received a warning, please take it to heart. This warning will be in effect for 365 days from it being issued, and if additional incidents occur/there are additional warnings, the full team may be suspended or expelled. Please see '3-Strike System' under "Guidelines" on the XTSC Rules & Regulations page.

Can you please Explain the XTSC 3-STRIKE SYSTEM?

Teams and Players will be monitored under a 3-strike system per year (365 days counting from the first strike).

Escalation of Player Sanctions

Anything worthy of a 2-game suspension and above will be considered a a strike.

  • On the 1st strike, the player wil be warned and the team captain responsible for that player will have 500 XTSC points deducted from his/her account.
  • On the 2nd strike, suspensions/penalties will double. The team captain responsible for that player will have 1000 XTSC points deducted from his/her account.
  • On the 3rd strike, that player will be immediately ejectied from the league for at least 2 years.

Escalation of Team Sanctions

Teams will be also monitored under a 3-Strike system per season.
  • Official Warnings may be sent out to teams due to valid complaints regarding team conduct, behaviour, overly aggressive/physical play, and/or verbal abuse towards XTSC Members or Staff.
  • Validity of the complaint will be determined via admin staff with the reports of the individual who issued the complaint, the referee/staff
  • present for said game, the opposing team captain, and any trusted team captains within said division or officials that have refereed the individual/team.
  • Any strike on an individual player listed above may warrant an Official Warning for the entire team.
  • On the 1st Team Warning, an email will be sent to the team reminding them of XTSC's various league rules/guidelines and advising them to keep their team conduct/behaviour under control. 1st Official Warnings will be carried over for 365 days.
  • On the 2nd Team Warning, the entire team will be suspended for 1 game, given a default loss for that game and the team captain will be deducted 1000 XTSC Points from his/her account. 2nd Official Warnings will be reset per season.
  • On the 3rd Team Warning, the said team will be immediately ejected from the league, removed from the schedule for the rest of the season and will be unable to register for 2 seasons. The team captain will also be deducted 2000 XTSC Points from his/her account.

If the number of points deducted is greater than the amount of points in the captain's account, the captain will not be able to register the team until the deficit is paid (1 point = $.010, so an amount of -500 would equal $50).

My team isn't able to make our game this week. What do we do?

If your team isn't going to be able to field enough players, please notify us by emailing We encourage any players who are able to come out for a friendly, do so.

If we are not notified of a default, or if we are notified too late to notify the opposing team (generally before 4:30pm Mon-Fri), 500 XTSC Loyalty Points will be taken out of the captain's account and given to the opposing team, and a 6-0 win for the opposing team will be applied.

If we are notified before noon on the day of the game (assuming it is a weekday), 250 XTSC Loyalty Points will be taken out of the captain's account, a 3-0 win will be given to the opposing team, and we will reach out to the other team captains to see if any other teams would like to play a friendly after their own game. If a team takes the invitation, they will receive the 250 XTSC Loyalty Points. If no team is able to fill in, the team that was defaulted against will get the 250 XTSC Loyalty Points.

Teams that default twice in a season may be removed from the league.

What does Team W/ Uniforms mean?

When you register a team with XTSC, Sometimes you will have the option of selecting "Team w/ uniforms." This means that you would like to order 11 Jerseys with numbers from XTSC for $200 for the team you are registering. If your team already has uniforms, or do not want to purhcase uniforms through XTSC, then simply select the "Team" option instead of the "Team with Uniforms" option.

I've purchased something from the Online Store. When will I get my merchandise?

Current XTSC league members can expect to receive their purchase within 2-3 weeks. Non-league members can expect a delivery time of 4-6 weeks. League members may occasionally experience a delay in uniform delivery if the uniform is back-ordered or if there are issues with the logo.

I won't be able to play anymore, am I entitled to a refund?

XTSC's refund policy is as follows:

  • No refund will be given once the season starts.
  • A combo season registration is considered a single registration for two or more consecutive seasons - the second season being an extension of the first season. No refunds will be issued once the first season starts.
  • Refund requests less than 4 weeks prior to the start of the season will result in a 50% refund.
  • Refund requests more than 4 weeks prior to the scheduled start of the season will be eligible for a full refund (less 10% administration fee per team or a $35 administration fee per free agent).
  • Games cut short due to weather conditions after half time will be recorded based on the score when the game ended and will not be rescheduled or refunded.
  • XTSC reserves the right to adjust league start date as required based on facility availability. No refunds are given due to delays in league start dates
  • Refunds are not given to individuals or teams ejected from the league.
  • XTSC reserves the right to remove any teams/players from the league without a refund because of numerous defaults.
  • Refunds are not given when the league is unable to fulfill special requests from teams who want a specific location or time slot.
  • Competition level selections are considered to be an indication of preference only. We cannot guarantee that all preferences will be honoured and no refund will be issued when a team/free agent is placed at one level above or below their requested competition level.
  • Refunds will not be given when games are cancelled due to inclement weather, whenever a facility is not available or due to permit cancellations - those games will always be rescheduled elsewhere or at a later date. If XTSC is unable to reschedule the games, then a prorated credit in the form of XTSC Loyalty Points will be provided to all affected participants for the shortened season.
  • If the facility that you signed up for is no longer available due to unforeseen circumstances (incl. interrupted facility access, foul weather, labour disputes, government mandates, etc), you will be offered alternate locations and/or dates to play your games. In the event that none of the alternate locations or dates are suitable, then XTSC will provide you with a pro-rated credit for outstanding games in the form of XTSC Loyalty points to be used for future registrations.
  • Refunds are credited back to the credit card used at time of purchase.