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Registration date:  17/05/2022 04:21:39
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Website:  http://en.devozki.com/escorts/canada/toronto/
Occupation:  Escort
Interests: Sex
Biography: In the shower, I took extra care to lather myself up and do a thorough cleaning of every inch… although, all I could stand between my legs was a quick pass with a soapy washcloth and an even quicker rinse with the detachable shower head. You’d gotten me so worked up… I knew I’d be in terrible trouble if I accidentally made myself come. Once I was clean, I was sure to shave every stray strand of hair, leaving smooth and lustrous skin for you. I’d recently had a brazilian wax done, so my pussy boasted only a small landing strip… otherwise I was hairless from front to back. Out of the shower, I lathered myself in your favorite lavender lotion, then piled my hair on top of my head, pinning it in place. Laid out on the bed, I found my tiny, silk kimono that was barely long enough to cover my ass. There was nothing else set out, so I put it on over my freshly washed, completely naked body. I was so turned on, the feeling of the fabric was enough to send goosebumps along my skin. When I got to the office, where we stored the iron and ironing board, I was surprised to find you next to a basket full of laundry, with the ironing board already set up. The computer was also on, and set on a small stack of books on top of the desk. On the screen was a window showing our office… like the webcam was turned on. “What’s all this?” I asked, full of naïveté. “Well, since this is the fourth time I’ve had to remind you to close the curtains,” you began, “I’ve decided it’s time for you to start your new job.” A few weeks back, I’d mentioned that I wanted to find a part-time job, to start contributing some income to our lives. I loved keeping house for you, but I also wanted to make myself more useful. “My new job?” I was full of questions. “Mhmm,” you answered. “Since you love showing off that naughty little body of yours, I found the perfect job for you.” Understanding started to form in my mind, and jolts of arousal laced with apprehension coursed through me. “W-what do I have to do?” the questions persisted. “Oh, all you have to do is iron,” you assured me. “See, I found a major porn site with a category for voyeurs who will pay to watch you do things. I’ve set up an account for you, here.” At the computer, you pulled up another window on the screen. This one featured a photo of me, taken from behind so you couldn’t see my face. It was from a time you photographed me while I was dusting, in nothing but my heels and the tiny apron. My hair was up, so you could see the choker, too. Choker, apron tied behind my back, heels… that was it. And above the photo were the typed words: Servant Wife. My body was so charged with anticipation, I almost didn’t realize that you’d started talking again. I forced myself to pay attention. “So anyone can come to this page, look at a few salacious photos of you - none with your face, of course, just your wicked body - but then they have to pay to watch your videos. $10 a minute! Some of them will live on the website, and some of them - like today’s - will be live.” Oh my god… You were going to let strangers watch me do my scantily clad chores. For money. “People will pay to w-watch me… like a prostitute,” I said. “That’s right,” you confirmed. “If you’re going to act like a wanton little tramp, we might as well make some money off of your lewd behavior. Don’t you agree?” This was my one chance. I knew that if I really didn’t want to do this, I could use my safeword and that would be the end of it… But… I couldn’t help it… part of me really wanted to. I was always too scared to be a real exhibitionist, but this way I would stay anonymous while people watched me. And I would never know who they were… The thought made me feel safe. Safe enough to say yes. “Y-yes. Yes, boss,” it came out barely above a whisper. You smiled and came over to me, slipping an arm around my waist. “Good,” you said with a kiss. “Now stand behind the iron so I can adjust the camera.” I did as I was told, and you tilted the screen until my face was no longer visible. Then you came back over to me and tugged at my robe, opening the top of it until the curve of my breasts was visible, but my nipples remained covered. Picking up the keyboard, you situated yourself so you were seated just off to the side of the screen, not visible on camera. It seemed you were settling in to enjoy the show, too. For a moment I was irrationally nervous… not about being so exposed on the internet, but feeling worried that no one would pay to watch me… As you finished setting up, you walked me through it. “Sound on? No, I don’t think so, not this time. Okay, here we go…the link is ready to go live, we just need to add some details,” you talked as you typed, making sure that my role was clear. “Watch Live: Naughty… Housewife… Punished - Forced to do the Ironing Naked, in Flimsy Robe.” You turned to me with a devilish smile, and I felt a flush creep up my neck. “Ready?” you asked, and I nodded. With the click of a button, the camera screen was up again, and the green light of the webcam turned on. I set to work, picking up one of your shirts, adding starch, and starting to iron. Since I could see the view of the webcam, I knew exactly what people would be watching. It really was quite salacious… As I moved around, my breasts jiggled under the thin fabric… when I adjusted your shirt, my robe threatened to slip off, revealing more of my nakedness… then, when I turned around to hang up the freshly ironed shirt, I felt the hem of my robe go so high that it exposed a peek of my bare ass cheeks. All of the sudden, a series of dings sounded from the computer.
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