Co-Ed Recreational Sports for Fun People!

Loss of 5-yards

  • Required equipment worn illegally.
  • Delay of game.
  • Illegal snap.
  • False start.
  • Encroachment.
  • Illegal Procedure.
  • Illegal forward pass.(5-yards from point of pass and loss of down)
  • Helping the runner: the runner shall not grasp a teammate of be grasped, pulled, or pushed by a teammate.

Loss of 10-Yards

  • Delaying the start of either half.
  • Two or more consecutive encroachments during the same interval between downs. The initial enroachment is 5 yards
  • Illegal participation.
  • Offensive pass interferance.(Loss of down)
  • Defensive pass interferance.(Automatic 1st down)
  • Illegal secured belt on touchdown. (Revoke touchdown and loss of down)
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Spiking the ball.
  • Attempt to steal the ball from the carrier. 2nd offence is unsportsmanlike conduct.(sending the player who commited offence off the field)
  • Hurdiling an opponent.
  • Unnecessary contact of any sort.
  • Roughing the passer.(Automatic 1st down)
  • Defensive use of hands.
  • Gaurding the flag belt.
  • Stiff arming.
  • Illegal flag belt removal.
  • Intentionally tampering with flag belt.( Send off the field for the rest of the game)
  • Illegal equipment.

If a player instigates a physical confrontation, they are subject to immediate expulsion from the league and their team captain is subject to a $500 fine. If the fine is not paid or this is not the first incident, the full team may be subject to expulsion.