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Looking to play Mens Court Volleyball this Indoor season?

We offer 2-Hour Round Robin Mens Court Volleyball in the downtown area and in North York on Weeknights during the Fall, Winter, and Spring!

The Combo Fall/Winter season is 18 weeks long.

Please note that all players must have proof of their fully vaccinated status to participate in this league.


Game start at 6:45pm for the weeknight 2-Hour Round Robin games.

League dates are planned as follows:

*Dates will be adjusted once permits and dates are finalized

Division Location Game Start Times Start Date End Date Registration Deadline* Season length
Monday 2-Hour Round Robin Warden & Finch 6:45PM early Jan TBD Dec 20 9 weeks
Monday 2-Hour Round Robin Victoria Park & Finch 6:45PM early Jan TBD Dec 20 9 Games
Tuesday 2-Hour Round Robin Warden & Finch 6:45PM early Jan TBD Dec 20 9 weeks
Wednesday 2-Hour Round Robin Gerard & Jones 6:45PM early Jan TBD Dec 20 9 Weeks
Wednesday 2-Hour Round Robin Don Mills &; Finch 6:45PM early Jan TBD Dec 20 9 Weeks

*Team fees increase after the Registration Deadline.

  • Round Robin Divisions will have 1 playoff week included in the season, while 1 hour games will have 2 playoff weeks included in the season.
  • Dates are subject to change.
  • Start dates are subject to change.
  • Full vaccination is required for all gym leagues. All free agents and team roster members will need to scan and email a copy of their vaccine receipt to us before the start of the season, and will be required to show the original vaccination receipt at the first game of the season.

    Combo Season: Fall/Winter, and Fall/Winter/Spring Offerings - Pay for multiple seasons at once and get a discount!

  • The Fall season is 9 weeks long; the Fall/Winter Combo season is 18 weeks long; the Fall/Winter/Spring Combo season is 27 weeks long.
  • The Winter part of the season will commence directly after the Fall Season, the Spring Season will be directly after the Winter season and so on.

  • Game details

  • 2-Hour Round Robin Divisions:
    - Teams will play over a 3 hour time span.
    - Each team will play 4 games of 30 minutes.
    - Games consist of 2 sets to 21 points.
    - Points are capped at 21, there is no 2 points difference required.
    - Ranking in the league is by total sets won, very won set is worth two point.

  • Team Registrations
    After registering, please enter your team name and entire roster online. The roster includes the name of the players and their email addresses. Each team roster has to include at least 7 players. These Players must all sign the electronic waiver before your team can be added to the schedule.

    Free Agent Registrations
    Once you're registered you won't receive any confirmation. To check your registration you can contact This email address can also be contacted in case you would like to play on the same team as another free agent or if you registered any additional players besides yourself. Please provide us the name and email address so we can make sure that you'll be rostered on the same team.
    Free agents will usually be playing on teams with other free agents. In case we aren't able to field a free agent team we will contact you to discuss other options.

    League details

  • Schedules and other league details will be sent out approximately one week before the start of the season.
  • Games are 30 minutes long.
  • There is an XTSC Representative present at every game.
  • This is a 6vs6 Mens league. A team can play with 4 or 5 players without defaulting.
  • As with all XTSC leagues, nets are provided at the venue.
  • All players that will play for your team during the season will have to be on the roster and have signed the waiver or the team risks a default loss.

    XTSC is committed to improving and elevating the sporting experience for ALL our members and have thus sweetened our LEAGUE PRIZES! We at XTSC know that becoming a champion isn't easy and want to reward our division winners with some incredible prizes for all the blood, sweat, and tears you poured throughout the season to earn the highly coveted title of CHAMPION!

    Prizes include: New XTSC Championship t-shirts, An official Match ball, and a prestigious GOLDEN XTSC CUP (It's almost real gold!) !!! !


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