The All-New XTSC Youth Soccer Developmental Program/Academy

XTSC Youth Soccer Club is thrilled to announce the introduction to the XTSC Developmental Program - a new youth academy which prioritizes player development and delivering quality training. Working with our youth, our academy provides highly educated, qualified, and certified coaches who strive to create a positive environment based on learning through good habits and a focus on long-term athletic development.


Our philosophy is to ensure everyone has the opportunity to play and enjoy the soccer experience at a grass root level. Basics and foundations of soccer principles are the main focuses - with success coming naturally from effort and commitment on the part of players/coaches. This academy aims to create an environment for all players within our respective program to play and develop at a level that is appropriate to them; having fun, all while being challenged and motivated/driven to develop. From there, any outstanding talent or player who excels at all levels/aspects of soccer will be invited to our competitive Rep Team - which consists of a U10 and U12 team participating in the Scarborough District Development League, and a U14 team currently competing the in the Toronto District Youth Soccer League (Tier 1 division).


Within our developmental program, our mission is to build a child-centered, development focused sports culture with XTSC youth soccer that nurtures and inspires each and every individual in a positive and safe environment. We strive for short-term success but with a focus on long-term development. We believe in order to achieve learning and to inspire/promote development; consistent and quality coaching is of paramount importance, along with a structured but flexible module centered on the needs of each group of young athletes?.


Our clear coaching philosophies and training methods is key to delivering quality and these objectives underline how we enhance the player?s development:

  • learning through Fun and ?mistakes'
  • maximum participant involvement
  • supportive and relevant learning environments
  • age appropriate equipment and training techniques
  • skill/ball mastery
  • good practice leading to good/correct habits
  • creativity (no fear) through empowerment
  • developing the individual as a person and not just as an athlete
  • Program Details

    XTSC Youth Development Academy entails participants to train and play in friendly/exhibition matches over the course of the year. Participation/training in the academy does not translate to an automatic roster spot on towards the competitive Rep team. Our club structure is designed to provide opportunity for every skill level to play at their deemed level. This allows flexibility and possibilities for players at different age groups to compete at a higher level, while working with players new to the sport and just beginning on their development pathway. The information below should provide you with all the details regarding our Academy & Development Rep program. However, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call (416) 222-9074.


    Year Round Training Academy/Development Program + Summer Outdoors Houseleague Registration
    Description Practice and play games with your team to compete in the league& practice 2 to 3 times a week
    and experience our XTSC Youth Soccer Program(s).
    Practice Location Indoor season: Scarborough Metro Dome
    Outdoor season: grass fields in Scarborough
    Game Location Indoor season: Exhibition games around Scarborough
    Outdoor season: Various locations across Scarborough
    Start Date Tryouts for Rep Teams- Late January/February.
    Summer Outdoor Season: Mid May onward.
    Indoor Season: N/A
    End Date Finalize Rosters - End of March
    Outdoor season: Mid August/September
    Indoor season: N/A
    Practices 2-3 times a week
    Total Games tbd
    Practice Day League Indoor: Fri, Sat at the Scarborough Metro Sportsplex, weekday practice tbd
    League Outdoor: XTSC HOUSELEAGUE
    Practice day will be communicated to all participants in advance.
    For more information please contact us

    Start Times
    League Indoor: between 6:00pm and 8:00pm
    League Outdoor: between 6:00pm and 9:00pm
    Practice start time will depend on the age group
    For more information please contact us

    Game Day League Indoor: TBD
    League Outdoor: TBD per XTSC HOUSELEAGUE
    Game day will depend on the age group.
    For more information please contact us

  • After your payment, please make sure you complete the REGISTRATION FORM (XTSC Player Form).
  • Registration is only completed when a full payment is received, and a signed form has been submitted.
  • We accept JumpStart applicants. Please contact for more information.


      Registration for the XTSC Youth Academy/Development program is $795+hst. Commitment is crucial, as such the registration allows them to train for the full calendar year. This will entail all basic costs (player registrations, soccer uniform(s), etc.) as well the following Outdoor Summer Houseleague within XTSC Youth Soccer. Furthermore, this entails the opportunity to be selected towards the XTSC Competitive Rep Teams (in affiliation with Scarboro Azzurri).

      Why sign up for a year?

      • Play with the same team year round.
      • Work on you soccer skills year round and become an even better soccer player!
      • Getting the opportunity to be selected to play for the all-star team in your age group and/or Rep teams participating in higher competition levels.
        This includes extra practice opportunities and invitations to participate in tournaments and exhibition games.
      • Great value!

    General information

    • We offer CoEd Soccer for ALL ages between 6-15 (in affiliation with Scarboro Azzurri)
      Boys & Girls welcome!
    • Season information will be sent out by the coaches of the respective teams.
    • All schedules are tentative. Times, days, details are subject to change without notice.
    • Full liability insurance is provided by the team (XTSC) and league (OSA).
    • This Rep Soccer Program is INVITE ONLY (via Coaches, XTSC Youth Staff, Scarboro Azzurri) If interested, please email
    • Please refer to XTSC Guidelines for more club related rules and regulations.


    Registration for the 2019-2020 Season includes:

    • Team Uniform (Jerseys, shorts & socks)
    • Player entry towards competition teams
    • Immaculate skills training from accredited, experienced and committed coaches throughout the year
    • Potential Participation in up to 3 tournaments a year (in GTA and/or abroad)
    • Future consideration towards Competitive/Development Rep Teams


    Academy Soccer

    Please contact or call (416) 222-9074 for any inquiries.


    Experience the XTSC difference, register today!