Little players building big skills!

At XTSC, we make every effort to create a professional and safe environment for youth players. We've gone the extra mile to bring your child the best sporting experience Toronto has to offer.

Play Soccer Year Round!

We offer a 12 week outdoor season and 10 week indoor seasons throughout the year to ensure that your child does not lose their learnt skills or passion for the game! Our soccer year is divided in the outdoor, fall and winter season. Each season we offer House Leagues, Representative Leagues and Academy options.

Represenative Program Available!

We are proud to announce that XTSC now has a representative program! The minimum requirement to enter the program is that players will have to play with our academy. The representative program includes tournaments, exhibition games and the opportunity to be exposed to more competitive teams/clubs. The representative program is free! Players can only participate when invited. There are annual tryouts to give players the opportunity to get selected for the program.

International Soccer Staff

We have an international group of staff members that have played and coached in Europe and North America. We use the experience of our staff members to develop soccer programs that are up to the current standard in Europe and North America. Our international soccer connections also give us the opportunity to occasionally bring in guest trainers. Visit our coaches page to learn more about our experienced coaches!

Practice and games go together

Soccer practice might not sound like fun, but it can be! We believe that practice is a vital part of any sport; it helps create a safe, fun and competitive playing environment.
Some players might not get as many touches on the ball during a game as desired, but players definitely will gain experience with the ball during practices and in our academy program! Practice is vital for personal development and the development of a team. Since we believe that soccer practice is essential we give coaches the option to reward players that show up to all practices with more playing time during games.

Different skill levels, different expectations

We offer soccer leagues for recreational and competitive players. Our house league is meant for the more recreational player. Our representative league focuses on the competitive players. The expectations for players in our representativ program are that they are committed to playing soccer with us year round. House league players can choose to play with us year round or opt for individual seasons. Our academy is available year round for players of all skill levels. For more information about the different offerings please click on the name if the league: House League, Representative Program, Academy.

XTSC Referees for all Games

We believe that referees are essential to the game - they also teach players the rules of soccer, and ensure a safe, fair and fun playing environment. That's why all our referees go through a vigorous XTSC Refereeing Course before they are able to referee in the Youth Soccer Club. Our referees are also assessed on a monthly basis to ensure consistency which provides us with the opportunity to give feedback to our referees regarding their performance.

Soccer with a heart

XTSC Youth Soccer Club is a division of Extreme Toronto Sports Club, a not-for-profit organization committed to helping our community. Although most people are fortunate enough to be able to play the sports they love, many still are not. Our goal is to spread the positive power of sports, enabling people to play that otherwise would not be able to. That's why we organize charity tournaments, donate sports equipment to schools and organize free pick up games. We also work together with other charities (e.g. Boys&Girls Club) to give children, who otherwise would not be able to play an organized sport, the opportunity to play soccer. We are open to work together with any charity that is helping the community.

Rewards Program

Every XTSC registration will give you XTSC points. These points can be redeemed for future registrations or for items in our online store. Every purchase is equivalent to 5% in rewards!


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