How XTSC came to be...

Extreme Toronto Sports Club (XTSC Inc.) was launched in 2004 by a group of Toronto Sports Enthusiasts whose goal was and continues to be, bringing fun and excitement back into the Toronto sports scene by providing a higher quality sports league environment. We go the extra mile to give our players the best sports experience Toronto has to offer.

XTSC Youth Soccer Club

In 2012, we took XTSC to the next level and launched the XTSC Youth Soccer Club. Despite popular belief, soccer has overtaken all sports for the most popular sport amongst youth in Canada. Therefore, our goal is to educate and train Canada?s youngest generation in the sport of soccer. With our experience, knowledge and love for the game, we believe that we can contribute to the development of soccer in our own community.

Our contribution to Canadian Youth Soccer

XTSC Youth Soccer Club is a division of Extreme Toronto Sports Club, a not-for-profit organization committed to helping our community by spreading the positive power of sports to everyone. Our purpose is to spread the passion of soccer to our future players. Our goal to provide a safe and competitive place for players of all age groups and skill levels to play. With over 10 years of providing quality adult recreational leagues around the GTA, XTSC is committed to creating fun, organized and a welcoming environment for children to learn the game of soccer. As a community focused program we aim to provide a platform for kids to develop life long friendships and values though sport.

Check out our website to find out everything there is to know about our soccer philosophy, club structure and available offerings!


We cannot wait to see your soccer skills on our fields!