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XTSC Kings Cup

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Get your XTSC Kings Cup!
Cause Drinking from any other Cup would be Uncivilized!

This beautifully designed bottle boasts a drink/beverage capacity of up to 1 Litre! Perfect for indoors or outdoors, this cup will suit all your games and events – from birthdays, to sporting events, and even drinking parties!

The Kings Cup holds ice at the top, keeping your desired beverage cold as it is poured in. The ice cubes then slowly melt and trickle down the body to ensure it stays cool and refreshing throughout while not diluting your drink. A curvy straw mechanism doubles up as a strong handle and completes the cup so you can fully enjoy your drink one sip at a time! This convenient built in straw also makes this cup environmentally friendly as it’s washable and reusable.

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2-Pack Kings Cup, 4-Pack Kings Cup, Canada Strong, TFC, Together We CAN, U of T, U of W, XTSC Black, XTSC Red