At XTSC, we make every effort to re-create a professional sports league environment for adult recreational players – ensuring that you get the most out of your leisure time and hard-earned money. That’s why we offer:

Low Prices

We go the extra mile to give you more bang for your buck! Go ahead and shop around – look at what you get with XTSC, and what you DON’T get with those other guys – and you’ll find that XTSC offers low prices and better value than the competition.

Same Game Location

Unlike those other leagues who shuffle you around to different venues every week, XTSC leagues always play in the same game location – so there’s less stress for you and your teammates, and you can focus on having fun!

Real Soccer Nets

Hate pretending a pair of pylons or blow-up nets are supposed to be a soccer net? So do we! That’s why we outfit every XTSC soccer game with REAL soccer nets. After all, taking real shots at a real net is the only way to have real fun!

Refereed Games

An XTSC referee/representative is present at every single XTSC game, making sure every game is played safe and played fair. Every soccer referee must complete a vigorous reffing course and pass a certification test before reffing at XTSC.

No Equipment Deposit

Just like you, we hate “hidden fees” and “extra costs”. That’s why XTSC doesn’t charge any “equipment deposit” fees or other surprise costs – your XTSC registration is all-inclusive!

No Player Set-up Required

You’ll never have to set up your own nets because an XTSC rep will be there setting up for you before the game!

Rewards Program

Every XTSC team registration puts more XTSC Points in your pocket – which you can use to shop for cool sports gear at our online store!

... and More Fun!

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XTSC is dedicated to bringing fun and excitement back to the Toronto sports scene. Experience the XTSC difference – try XTSC today, and we’ll prove to you that we offer a superior sporting experience.

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