Hockey Rules


  • Games start at the scheduled time sharp.
  • Please be at the gym at least 15 minutes before your game in order to warm up and to allow a quick transition between games.
  • Teams that are more than 10 minutes late and without the required minimum number of players to play, automatically forfeit their game.
  • Games are 60 minutes (2x30min) including 5 minutes of halftime.
  • Depending on the needs of the league, double headers may be scheduled.
  • All games start and end at the referee’s signal.
  • Games must finish at the scheduled time, as there are other games after yours. Please be considerate of other teams.
  • If your team isn’t able to play during a certain night, please let us know (at least 24 hours in advance), so we can inform the other team. Defaults can be emailed to
  • Registered teams that don’t show up, without notifying the league, or notifying the league too late, causing the other team to still show up, will get a deduction of 250 points. These points will be deposited in the account of the team captain of the team that showed up at the field.


  • Win is 2 points, loss is 0 points, tie is 1 point.
  • When teams are tied in points for a playoff spot the following criteria will determine the standing:
    1. Goals for / Goal against ratio.
    2. Total goals for.
    3. Head-to-head record.


  • If your team isn’t going to be able to field enough players, please notify us by emailing at least 24 hours in advance of the game time. We encourage any players who are able to come out for a friendly, to do so. For all defaults, the following guidelines apply:
    • a default without sufficient notification to contact the opposing team will result in one point being taken off in the standings
    • a -$25 XTSC credit penalty transferred to the opposing captain for the first default
    • a -$100 XTSC credit penalty transferred to the opposing captain for a second default
    • a 3rd default will have you removed from the remainder of the schedule.
  • When a team does not have the required minimum number of players to play at the scheduled game start time, the opposing team can choose to take 7-0 win or play for points.
  • Decision has to be made before the game starts. Once the game starts, the decision cannot be changed.
  • Any team fielding ineligible players (any player without a waiver or a last minute substitute playing without explicit permission from the referee and opposing team) will be awarded a 7-0 loss or (opponent’s score)-0, whichever is greater.
  • Opposing team captains and referees may both contest a player’s eligibility. If a player is contested, they must provide picture ID with their full first and last name, which will be provided to admin staff with the game report. If admin sees they are on the roster with a waiver signed, no action will be taken and the game results will stand. If they are not on the roster or have not signed a waiver, the game will be considered a default.
  • When both teams default, the registered score will be 0-0.


  • CoEd 4s Teams:
    • 3 players + 1 goalie.
    • A full team has 1 male and 1 female on the field at all times.
    • A female goalie counts towards the female player minimum.
    • A team cannot play short without defaulting.


  • Player substitutions can happen on the fly.
  • Players and substitutions must enter/exit the field at their team’s bench.
  • Goalie substitution can only take place during stoppage of the play and after the referee’s consent.
  • When a team has more than the maximum amount of players on the field, a penalty will be given, which results in the team playing down a player for 2 minutes.

Registered teams are allowed to bring in substitutions during the season as long as substitutions:

  • Are aware of the rules;
  • Are listed on the online roster;
  • Have signed the electronic waiver before playing;
  • Have been playing on the team for at least 2 season games, in order to be eligible to play during playoffs.

A team that is short is allowed to ask players from the previous game to substitute for them under the following conditions:

  • The substituting player must be an XTSC member with a current signed waiver, and must provide their name and regular team name to the referee before the start of the game.
  • The opposing team must grant explicit permission for the substitute to play during the game.
  • The referee must grant explicit permission for the substitute to play during the game.
  • It is not a playoff game.
  • If any of these conditions are not met and the player is fielded, the game will be considered a default loss and scored 7-0 or (opponent’s score)-0, whichever is greater.
  • Substitutions can only be used to field a full team and to have 1 male and 1 female substitute on the sidelines.
  • Players are not allowed to register for multiple teams in the league on the same playing evening in the same division.


  • Sticks with white plastic non-marking blades are the only sticks allowed in this league.
  • Non-marking means leaving no paint marks,dents, chips and/or grooves in the playing surface.
  • The shaft of the stick can be wood, fibre or carbon. Metal shafts are not allowed.
  • Non-marking indoor shoes are mandatory for gym leagues.
  • The league provides balls.
  • Other hockey equipment (sticks, goalie equipment, etc) has to be provided by the players.
  • Uniforms (similar jerseys with numbers) aren’t mandatory. However when two teams have the same colour, the team without uniform has to change jersey colour.
  • For all teams it is mandatory to have 2 different coloured jerseys at the game at all times.
  • To inform other teams about your team colour, email us at so we can update this information online.


  • Goalkeepers are allowed to handle the ball with their hands within the crease.
  • The goalie has to bring the ball back in play within 5 seconds.
  • Goalies cannot cross the middle line.
  • Goalie sticks must also be white plastic non-marking blades.
  • A team is allowed to pull their goalie for an extra player.


  • The first and second half of the game are started with a faceoff.
  • The faceoff starts when the referee drops the ball between two opposing players in the centre of the field.
  • Players of both teams have to start on their own side of the field during the faceoff.
  • Teams will change ends after half time.


  • A restart of the play occurs after a goal has been scored, inaccessibility of the ball, when the ball is out of play or when a foul is called.
  • After a goal:
    • The team that was scored on gets possession of the ball on their own side.
    • The team that scored cannot cross half untill the team in possession crosses half.
    • At least one pass must be attempted past centre before a shot can be taken, if a team fails to pass beyond centre before shooting, the opposing team will obtain possession.
  • Inaccessibility of the ball, ball is out of play or after a foul being called:
    • The ball is out of play when the entire ball has crossed the backline or sideline of the field, both on the ground or in the air. Or, when it is inaccessible.
    • The ball is out of play and deemed a “dead ball” when it goes behind the bench in any way.
    • The team that touched the ball last or has the foul called against loses possession.
    • Opposing players must allow the handler at least 2 yards of space to allow the restart of the game.
    • No physical contact is allowed within the 2 yards, any attack on the handler will result in a foul and a yellow card.
    • The player taking the free ball must pass the ball to another player before touching the ball again.
    • A goal cannot be scored directly from a free ball. There has to be a clear pass towards another player. Deflections do not count.


  • A goal is scored when the entire ball has passed the goal line on the ground or in the air, provided it has not been thrown or kicked in.
  • At least 1 pass past centre must be attempted before a goal can be scored.
  • Goals caused by a ball that intentionally touched the hand, arm or leg of a player on the attacking team doesn’t count. The ball will be awarded to the defensive team.
  • Goals caused by a ball that touched the hand, arm or leg of a player of the defensive team does count.
  • The team scoring the greater number of goals during the game is the winner.
  • Ties are allowed during regular season games.
  • Playoff and tournament games can only end in a win or a loss.
  • Results and goal scorers will be posted online.


  • A penalty shot is awarded when:
    • A player deliberately sits on the ball or holds the ball in their hands inside the crease.
    • Dangerous play or intent to injure a player while inside the crease.
    • A foul is committed that prevented a clear scoring opportunity.


  • Shootouts will take place after a tie during a playoff or tournament game.
  • During league games, shootouts will happen after regulated time – the game will not be cut short to allow for shootouts).
  • 3 Players that are on the field will take the first shootouts.
    • Substitutions of these players must be made before the last 2 minutes of the game.
  • The goalie that has played during the game has to goaltend during the shootout, with the exception when injured.
  • Shootouts are taken NHL style.
    • The player starts with the ball at the center of the field.
    • The player stickhandles the ball to the goal and tries to score.
    • The handling of the ball has to be a continuous forward movement.
    •  The ball is dead once it reverses direction, no rebounds.
  • 3 Shooters per team will start the shootout, of which include 1 male and 1 female.
  • A tie after 3 shooters will lead to sudden death shootout format.
  • The team has to rotate through the same number of players as the team with the lesser number of players, before players can take a second shootout.
    • An even amount of males and females have to take a shot in the shootout.
  • In case of a tournament, the winner will be awarded 2 points(1 for the draw and 1 for the shootout win). The loser gets 1 point (1 for the draw and 0 for the shootout).
  • Please note: In regular season games, the game winner will get 3 points.


  • XTSC Referees will attempt to call all fouls.
  • Fouls include but are not limited to: tripping, body checking, slashing, kicking, cross-checking, high-stick (above the waist), hand-pass (except for goalie), slap shots and flagrant charging.
  • Flagrant Charging: Flagrantly leading with your body to forcefully create space. Being the first to initiate contact.
  • Slashing includes:
    • Slashing the body: Hitting a body part of another player with the stick.
    • Stick slashing: Hitting the stick of another player from above by coming down on it. Players are allowed to lift the stick of another player to get to the ball, but a player cannot land with its own stick on top of another stick.
  • When a foul is called, the opposing team gets possession of the ball at the spot where the foul was called through an indirect free-hit.
  • It is at the referee’s discretion to hand out yellow and red cards for a foul.
  • A referee may request any player or observer to leave the game facility when he/she threatens the safety and enjoyment of players/XTSC representatives
  • If the individual does not exit the facility, the game will be ended and the team associated with this person will be penalized a 6-0 default loss.


  • Yellow and red cards are issued by the referee based on the severity of the offense and includes but is not limited to the following offenses:
    • Injuring or attempting to injure another players.
    • Taunting an opposing team/player.
    • Yelling or other abusive behaviour towards a referee, players or spectators.
  • The consequences of a yellow card are:
    • The offending player will be removed from the game for 2 minutes (even when the player is a goalie).
    • The team will play a player down for 2 minutes, even when a goal is scored.
    • 2 Yellow cards result in a red card which will remove the player for the rest of the game and might lead to a suspension for the following game(s).
    • The team that has the player who got a red card, will have to play a player down for the rest of the game.
    • 3 yellow cards in 1 season will lead to an automatic suspension of 1 game.
    • 5 yellow cards in 1 season will lead to an automatic suspension of 2 games.
    • Please note: the league will review the yellow card incidents and has the right to increase the suspension.
  • The consequences of a red card are:
    • The offending player will be ejected for the remainder of the game, the team will play one player down.
    • If the offending player gets a direct red card, they are automatically suspended for the following game.
    • The offending player cannot in any way interfere with the game (coaching, chirping). When a player keeps interfering the referee can request that the player must leave the facility.
    • When the individual does not exit the facility, the game will be ended and the team associated with this person will be penalized a 6-0 default loss.
    • XTSC will review the incident and has the right to increase the amount of game suspensions and/or eject the player from the league.
    • A direct red card leads to an automatic one game suspension for the following game. In addition, 250 points will be deducted from the player’s or team captain’s account.

If a player instigates a physical confrontation, they are subject to immediate expulsion from the league and their team captain is subject to a $500 fine. If the fine is not paid or this is not the first incident, the full team may be subject to expulsion.


All of XTSC’s guidelines to acceptable conduct are in effect. Please refer to XTSC Rules and Regulations for more details.